Janie’s Thermomix Story

If you are in the UK or Ireland, click here to request an online Thermomix cooking experience with me. Thermomix® is my favourite kitchen appliance. I have seen it change many people’s lives for the better by transforming their approach to food and cooking. The 2019 model, Thermomix TM6, is WiFi connected to over 40,000 recipes and includes exciting new functions like fermentation and slow cooking. My own Thermomix journey started 20 years ago…

I had owned a German vacuum cleaner made by Vorwerk for 14 years and thought it was amazing. In 2001, I visited a service centre where I noticed an interesting poster of a kitchen appliance surrounded by beautiful food – it was a Thermomix. Since I already appreciated the quality of the Vorwerk brand, I had to know more, so I had a demonstration at home and my life in the kitchen changed forever!

Fast forward a few years to 2005 and my husband John and I were appointed by Vorwerk as the authorised Thermomix distributor for UK and Ireland. In our first year we had 10 Advisors; by the time we retired from the business 10 years later we had a wonderful team of over 400 and Thermomix could be seen on TV almost every day.

I fell in love with Thermomix because I was instantly excited by the concept of healthy, nutritious, tasty real food being accessible to anyone, no matter what their cooking abilities – and I particularly appreciate having less washing up of pots and pans!

One of my greatest pleasures has been the creation of four Thermomix recipe books:

  Fast and Easy Cooking

  Demonstrator Delights

  Fast and Easy Indian Cooking

  I Love Chocolate I Love Thermomix

2018 was an exciting year with the release of my new editions of ‘I Love Chocolate I Love Thermomix’ and ‘Fast and Easy Indian Cooking’. You can shop for both books here.

My passion for cooking and healthy eating is as strong as ever. I am now blessed with more time to spend writing recipes, sharing the knowledge I have gained and helping people with the decisions they make around their own food choices and approach to cooking. My recipe blog reflects this passion and my cooking discoveries. Please join me on my food journey.

If you are interested in buying or looking further into the benefits of a Thermomix in your own kitchen please contact me and I’ll be delighted to help!

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