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Janie Turner

My love of food and cooking along with a keen interest in health and well-being have taken me on an exciting journey. My main inspirations have been the many enthusiastic people I have met along the way and the positive results that can emerge when we make small changes in our lives.

In 2001, I discovered the kitchen miracle called Thermomix® which makes cooking from scratch much easier to achieve. I have seen it inspire my own family and thousands of others to change the way they cook, with huge benefits.

I have written four Thermomix cookbooks and contributed to many others. I continue to have lots of fun developing new recipes.

I am passionate about teaching people to cook more easily and to nourish themselves well. I enjoy sharing what I have learned about good ingredients, fast and easy cooking, and the benefits of real food for health and well-being.

Before moving to the UK, I trained as a nurse in the beautiful city of Vancouver and specialised in cardiology. I then enjoyed a year seeing the sights of Europe and experiencing the rich variety of ingredients and dishes especially in France, Italy and Spain.

Once England became my home, I expanded my medical knowledge by training as a midwife. Delivering beautiful babies into the world was such a delight!

My family has been on a food journey with me too and I am so proud that they all now have a broad knowledge of good foods and healthy cooking. Over the course of twelve years I trained nine puppies as a volunteer for Guide Dogs for the Blind. We have a labrador called Zorro and his favourite treat of all is a green smoothie!

With my website, recipe blog, cookbooks and consultancy work I am inviting you into my kitchen to share my experience and to lift the lid on how easy it is to make delicious, nutritious food.

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