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Lemon Tart

This delicious dessert is a frequent choice for those who dine in restaurants, and now you can easily make it yourself. Many thanks for the pastry recipe to Patissiere Sam Joffe, Glasgow; and many thanks for the lemon filling recipe to Chef Toby Gritten, The Pump House, Bristol. Both are outstanding recipes, and Thermomix helps you produce these top quality results at home. Serve as is, or with a drizzle of double cream. Serves 12 to 16.


Pastry enough for 2 tart pastries

Sam says this pastry recipe is the easiest shes ever used, and that the pastry itself is reliable and easy to work with. Perfect for any sweet pastry requirement.


100 g sugar

250 g butter, cut into chunks

350 g plain flour


1.      Grind the sugar 5 seconds/Speed 10.

2.      Add butter and melt 3 minutes/50C/Speed 2 or longer until melted.

3.      Add flour and mix Speed 6 until just clinging together this will only take about 2 to 4 seconds! Divide in half (freeze one half for another time or use to make shortbread). Immediately press one half amount of pastry into a 28cm loose-bottomed tart tin this is easiest to do when the pastry is still warm. Chill the pastry in the tin for an hour this will help to reduce/prevent shrinkage during baking. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 150C (without fan) until pale gold. Cool to room temperature.



Lemon Filling fills one 28cm round lemon tart

This lemon filling is absolutely delicious. When we filmed the recipes, the film crews eyes just about popped out of their heads as they watched it being poured into the pastry, and they loved the taste!


150 g sugar

thinly peeled skin of 3 lemons

150 g freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 5 to 7 lemons)

250 g double cream

9 medium eggs (= 500 g weight without shells)


1.      Grind sugar 5 seconds/Speed 10.

2.      Add lemon peelings and grind 20 seconds Speed 10.

3.      Scrape down the lid and sides of the TM bowl with the spatula. Add lemon juice, cream and eggs. Cook 7 minutes/80C/Speed 3. Taste add a little more lemon juice if required to keep the flavour zingy. (Some lemons are sweeter than others.)

4.      Cook 45 seconds/90C/Speed 5. Pour immediately into the cooled pastry shell and leave to set in a cool place for at least 3 hours.


This lemon tart will keep well in a cool place for up to 2 days. (Dont chill in the fridge as the filling would weep and the pastry would become soggy.)


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