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Asparagus Risotto
Cooking risottos in your Thermomix gives superb results and the flavours are wonderful. Even chefs are impressed! Serves 3 as a main course. Easily doubled (cook 17 minutes at Step 4).

80 g parmesan, in approximately 2 cm chunks
200 g asparagus
1 shallot, about 40 g, peeled
20 g olive oil
200 g white wine
250 g arborio risotto rice
450 g stock
15 g butter - optional
tsp fine sea salt
several grinds of pepper

1. Grate the parmesan a few seconds Speed 8, tip out and set aside for later.
2. Break off and discard the woody ends of the asparagus below the natural snapping point, cut the stems into 2 cm pieces and set aside the tips for later. Add the asparagus stems, shallot and oil to the TM bow. Chop 7 seconds/Speed 5 then cook 3 minutes/100C/Speed Spoon.
3. Add wine then rice and cook 2 minutes/100C/Speed Spoon.
4. Add stock and cook 12 minutes/100C/Speed Spoon/Reverse Blade Direction. Taste to check the rice is cooked "al dente"; cook longer 1 or 2 minutes at a time if required. Stir in asparagus tips, salt, pepper, butter if using and parmesan - the heat of the risotto will cook the asparagus tips perfectly. Serve immediately.

Janie's Tip:
Tip: use any leftovers to make Risotto Cakes - grate extra parmesan and mix with the cold risotto. Make Thermomix breadcrumbs and put on a plate. Form risotto patties, coat in flour, then dip in beaten egg, then coat in breadcrumbs. Fry gently in olive oil until golden.

More risotto recipes in "Fast and Easy Cooking" which is available from UK Thermomix and online.


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