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Super Fast Salad

Use the idea of this instant salad to create your own combinations. Please email me if you come up with a wonderful salad of your own!


300 to 400 g carrots

2 sticks celery, cut in 1 cm lengths

1 spring onion, cut in 1 cm lengths

5 g fresh parsley

40 g shallots, peeled

¼ tsp Spicy Herb Salt

10 g wine vinegar

30 to 50 g olive oil


1.      Chop all ingredients 10 seconds/Speed 4 and while chopping, stir with the TM spatula through the hole in the top of the lid. This speeds up the chopping so you can make a salad even faster than without the spatula!


Tip: chopping a salad without using the TM spatula also works perfectly well, it just takes a few seconds longer.


For different finishes, try chopping your salad instead at Speed 3½ oror 5 – the lower speed will take up to 25 or 30 seconds, the higher speeds may take as little as 7 or 4 seconds respectively!


You will find the Spicy Herb Salt recipe in “Fast and Easy Indian Cooking” by Janie Turner and Rosie Laljee, available from UK Thermomix and Thermomix Ireland.



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