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Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie

Smoothies are wonderfully smooth and delicious when made in your Thermomix. This is just one example of many! Makes 1 litre.


2 tbsp flax seeds (= linseeds)

200 g frozen strawberries

1 ripe banana or orange or apple

200 g apple or orange juice



1.      Add flax seeds and grind 25 seconds/Speed 10.

2.      Add remaining ingredients, topping up with water to the 1 litre mark on the TM bowl. Blend 1 minute/Speed 10.


Variations: Try other combinations of fruits, vegetables and green leaves, adding your choice/s of kefir, milk (dairy or non-dairy), yoghurt, soaked nuts/seeds, hulled hemp seeds/hemp hearts, raw egg, with your choice of sweetening: honey, palm sugar/coconut sugar, jaggery/sucanat/rapadura, agave syrup, Sweet Freedom, maple syrup, home-made cordials. Adding some frozen ingredients or ice will instantly cool your smoothie and will also make it thicker.


Tip: I often just add my ingredients all at once and blend 2 minutes/Speed 10, taste and add a little more sweetening or lemon juice to heighten the flavours of the fruit if necessary, blend again a few seconds done!


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