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Peeling Garlic

Save effort and time by letting your Thermomix peel garlic quickly and easily. The back of the blades is dull and is used with the Reverse Blade function to knock the skins loose. Great for chefs and for people who hate the smell of garlic on their fingers!


1 to 40 garlic cloves, separated, any hard root ends cut off with a knife


1.      Reverse Blade Direction/3 Seconds/Reverse Blade Direction/Speed 4. Repeat until skins are loosened.


Tip: for more than 10 cloves, its easier to discard the skins if before doing Step 1 you first cover the garlic with water up to the 1 litre mark on the TM bowl (or the 1.5 litre mark for 30 or more cloves). Then when the peeling is done, gently run cold tap water into the TM bowl the skins will float to the surface and can easily be removed, leaving your peeled garlic behind! Drain and use.



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