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Instant Healthy Breakfast

This recipe is a variation of CADA which was invented by Fleur Whelligan, the author of “Like Chocolate For Women”. It was made famous in Cyndi O’Meara’s “Changing Habits, Changing Lives Cookbook” which, as well as all of Cyndi’s other books, is available from UK Thermomix and Thermomix Ireland. Cyndi is an internationally renowned nutritionist who has helped thousands of people regain their health one habit at a time, and she highly recommends Thermomix because it makes healthy eating possible, quick and easy! Serves 2 to 4.


50 to 100 g fresh coconut flesh (with brown skin is fine)

1 apple, quartered, stem discarded

1 pear, quartered, stem discarded

4 dates (with stones removed)

10 almonds


1.      Set the Speed Dial to the lid locked position. Turbo Pulse a few times until fine. Serve by itself or with yoghurt and/or more fruit = energy all morning!





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