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Cashew Cream

Having an easy alternative to dairy cream is wonderful for people who are lactose intolerant, and cashew cream is just plain delicious for everyone else too! Lovely on desserts or spooned onto porridge, it has the texture of thick double cream. By adding more water, you can easily make a pouring cashew cream, or a cashew milk which you can drink or use as a dairy-free ingredient in crème brulée and white sauce. Many thanks to Dr Enid Taylor of The Taymount Clinic for her suggestions and help in developing this recipe. Makes 600 to  650 g thick cashew cream.

250 g cashews, soaked in 1 litre water for 4 to 24 hours, then drained

250 g water for blending

½ to 1 tsp real vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste or 1 cm fresh or dried vanilla pod

1 pinch sea salt

1 to 2 tsp agave syrup


1.      Drain cashews and discard the soaking water. Blend cashews with remaining ingredients 1 minute/Speed 10.

2.      Taste and add more vanilla and/or sea salt and/or agave syrup if desired then blend again for a few seconds.





For a pouring Cashew Cream similar to single cream, use 500 g water for blending in Step 1 above. Adjust vanilla, salt and agave to taste.


For Cashew Milk, use 750 g water for blending in Step 1 above. Adjust vanilla, salt and agave to taste.

Optional: although I don’t bother for cashew milk, you can strain it through a nut milk bag if desired (use leftover nut paste in breads or baking, or dry and grind it to use as a nut flour). I do tend to do this for hazelnut or almond milks that I plan to drink as they are then perfectly smooth.



Tip for main recipe and variations:  Enid says that you can also use these proportions with almonds and hazlenuts – soak them as above, then remove and discard the skins when you discard the soaking water.



See our website and “Fast and Easy Cooking” for recipes for soya milk, rice milk, and other nut milks. “Fast and Easy Cooking” is available from UK Thermomix or Thermomix Ireland .


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