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Janie Turner

Janie TurnerA love of food and cooking backed by a keen interest in health and well being has taken me on an exciting journey. I am passionate about teaching people to eat well and cook with joy! In 2001, I discovered a kitchen miracle called Thermomix and I invite you into my kitchen to see why Thermomix is changing people's lives!

Janie's Recipes

Cakes (721K)
Walnut Bread & Hummus

Cakes (721K)
Carrot Coriander Soup
Chicken Yogurt (6K)
Chicken in Yoghurt
Salmon Tikka (721K)
Salmon Tikka
Asparagus Risotto (721K)
Asparagus Risotto
Guinness ake (721K) Guinness & Chocolate Cake
Lemon Tart (721K)
Lemon Tart
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Quick Tips

Thermomix TM31

TM31Replacing more than 10 quality kitchen appliances in one easy-to-clean compact unit, the Thermomix TM31 is a food processor and power blender that also weighs, cooks, simmers and steams!
Thermomix makes it simple to bring fresh, wholesome, nutritious food back into your diet. Preparation is cut from minutes to seconds and cooking is gentle to ensure that flavours, vitamins and minerals are locked into each mouthful. Best of all, you'll have peace of mind, knowing exactly what is going into everything you eat.

Cook with Alan

Alan Murchison at the pass (72K)Alan Murchison, Michelin Star chef, uses Thermomix in all his restaurants. “Cook with Alan” is a series of Thermomix recipes prepared by Alan in his kitchen at L’ortolan in Berkshire showcasing how useful Thermomix can be in the professional kitchen too.

All of Janie and Alan’s recipes are available to buy as a high resolution DVD. Contact UK Thermomix to place your order - £9.95 plus p&p.

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